The Sonicweld Pulserod System

The Pulserod is a no-compromise, ultra-compact active loudspeaker system, designed for monitoring, world-class home theater, or definitive two-channel music reproduction. This surprisingly potent design is Sonicweld's solution for wonderfully realistic, high amplitude, low-distortion sound reproduction in rooms ranging from small up to 6000 cubic feet or more.

Housing thirteen precision drivers with neodymium magnet systems, each svelte tower contains three 200W state-of-the-art switching amplifier modules, which operate only within a tightly-defined band of frequencies. Additionally, there are two independent power supplies, ensuring, for instance, that high current delivery to the midbass drivers has no effect on the ability of the midrange and treble amplifiers to respond with absolute fidelity. The analog signals sent to these amplifiers are fully differential for the highest rejection of electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference. The signal reception and processing is performed by our own balanced input board, using multilayer PCB construction and the most sophisticated electronic noise abatement techniques.

The Pulserod is designed to function exclusively with the revolutionary digital technology of the DEQX PDC (, which forms the core of the system; it encompasses volume control, input switching, phase-corrected digital crossover, and room-correction functions, making the Pulserod a complete system that requires only an analog or digital source for operation. Commonly used functions can be controlled remotely with an included infrared unit. The supplied DEQX unit has been specially modified by Sonicweld, with a complete power supply replacement and other signal path modifications that considerably improve this already remarkable piece of audio engineering.

Internally, the Pulserod is a study in exacting industrial design: each employs 32 pieces of damping material, cut by waterjet, laser, and tooled dies out of three different types of high-performance material. Every electrical connection between subassemblies is made by precision-machined, high-reliability pins and sockets mounted into the fourteen custom-made circuit boards, completely eliminating all of the speaker cabling and AC wiring found in conventional speakers. The signal wiring is accomplished by custom-built, ultra-high bandwidth cables made with precision CNC wire processing techiques, and feature more than 100dB of sheilding effectiveness. The protective stainless steel grille covering the highpass drivers is photochemically machined, allowing for a degree of acoustic transparency that cannot be approached by more common fabrication methods.

Every hand-built Pulserod features Sonicweld's trademark CNC-machined solid aluminum construction with stainless steel accents, a method we pioneered in 1998. The result strikes a visually compelling balance between futuristic sci-fi precision and artisan craftsmanship.

The Subpulse is a no-compromise subwoofer, designed to perfectly complement the Pulserod sonically and aesthetically. Each houses a state-of-the-art, extreme excursion 15" woofer with a precision-formed anodized aluminum cone, mated to a 1100W switching amp that provides effortless power.

The enclosure - as much a work of art as functional - is precision machined from 21 pieces of solid aluminum stock; the walls are 1.25" thick, and the top and bottom plates are a full 2" thick.

The Subpulse employs the same cutting-edge design and construction techniques as the Pulserod, and provides reference-class performance in the difficult bottom octaves. For larger rooms or home theater installations, two Subpulse units are recommended for lower distortion, greater dynamic range, and uniformity of room mode excitation.

The Pulserod is built to order and is sold as a complete system, comprising two speakers, one DEQX unit, and two Subpulse subwoofers.

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Pulserod Specifications

  • Construction: Precision CNC machined from 9 solid aluminum blanks, plus stainless steel damper plates
  • Driver compliment: 13 drivers total; six aluminum-coned high-excursion 4" midbass, six titanium-coned 2" midrange, one silk-dome 1" tweeter, all with neodymium magnets (inherently shielded)
  • Driver loading scheme: Sealed enclosure, highpass array features dedicated, sealed sub-enclosure
  • Amplification: Three specially-modified ICEpower 200W switching amplifiers built-in, automatic worldwide operation between 85 and 265 VAC
  • Analog input circuitry: Sonicweld-designed balanced front end, special EMI/RFI rejection circuit for ultra-low distortion and noise immunity
  • AC conditioning: Multiple, redundant surge protection and noise filtration circuits built-in
  • Weight: 58 lbs. each (26.3 kg)
  • Dimensions: 49" tall, 4.92" wide, 4.92" deep (124.4cm x 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm
  • Frequency response: 65 - 22,000 Hz, phase and group delay-corrected crossover executed digitally at 450 Hz, 72 dB/octave
  • Warranty: 10 years, transferrable

Subpulse Specifications

  • Construction: Precision CNC machined from 21 solid aluminum blanks, each 2" thick, plus stainless steel damper plates
  • Driver: 15" custom-made, 2.6" peak-to-peak linear excursion
  • Driver loading scheme: Sealed enclosure, virgin wool damping
  • Amplification: 1100W ICEpower switching amplifier built-in, 110 or 220 VAC selectable operation
  • Analog input circuitry: Sonicweld-designed balanced front end, special EMI/RFI rejection circuit for ultra-low distortion and noise immunity
  • AC conditioning: Multiple, redundant surge protection and noise filtration circuits built-in
  • Weight: 220 lbs. each (99.79 kg)
  • Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 18" (45.72 cm x 45.72 cm x 45.72 cm)
  • Frequency response: 16 - 200 Hz, crossover executed digitally, typically at 90 Hz, 72 dB/octave (dependent on customer's room and system optimization)
  • Warranty: 10 years, transferrable